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Getting a Teaching Certificate


Teacher certification refers to the process by which a potential teacher gets licensed to teach within a specific subject area after completion of the required coursework, degrees and tests. For a teacher to be regarded as a professional teacher, he or she must have all the necessary qualifications from an authorized source like a university, college or government. These qualifications permit educators to have an opportunity to teach in their preferred schools. As a result, the teacher is required to practice teaching first as a student teacher before receiving a teaching certificate.


In most states, a teaching certification is given by the State Board of Education. Therefore, a person who wishes to get teaching certification must have a bachelor's degree and should have a major in one subject like science, math or arts. To achieve this, a teacher must have gone through a rigorous academic coursework and training. Further to that, after enrolling in a teaching preparation program, the state may require you to undergo an evaluation during the first two years. Some countries use progressive licensing methods to rank the teachers. To get more tips on how to secure a teaching certification , check out https://www.reference.com/education/teachers-important-305b90eee6f9507d.


What's more, apart from these qualifications, teachers in most states are required to have additional certification. For instance, a teacher can opt to have an early childhood teaching certification where he or she is permitted to teach kindergarten kids through grade 3. For the elementary school teachers to be certified, they must teach a variety of subjects and are allowed to handle kindergarten kids through grade 6 while the middle-grade teachers must specialize in one subject area for them to receive their teaching certification for grades 5 through grade 9. Further to that, there is an option for having a teaching certification in secondary school. Here, the teacher needs to specify which subject he or she is interested in. If a teacher chooses to have a secondary teaching certification with a math endorsement, then the teacher must major in math. The same applies to science and history teachers.


To receive these certificates, the same process applies where the teacher must pass different tests like the Praxis 1 test before they are certified. This is a basic TExES PPR test that every teacher must take. However, some states may go ahead and test teachers on the subject combination. For example, if you are interested in teaching mathematics, the state may require you to pass the Praxis core mathematics test before you are certified.


Do not underestimate the test since you can end up repeating the test and not receiving your certificate. For that reason, you can have the Praxis core study guide that gives you a Praxis core practice test to prepare you for the primary test. If you pass these PRAXIS CORE Practice Test, the state licensing agency will award you with a teaching certificate.